Saturday, 22 June 2013

It just Does Not Seem Right or Fair to me !

BMJ Careers - UK pilot scheme to sell off specialty training places to Saudi Arabia
I found this story,  published recently in BMJ careers, slightly discomforting.
What does selling a training post actually mean? Trainees do service work and are salaried with the money coming from NHS provider trusts.  Deaneries fund the training part of their working lives - well mostly -  A very able F2 doctor, who recently was unsuccessful when applying for Cardiothoracic specialty training (his post obviously being sold to the Saudis) was obscenely charged £10 by Wessex Deanery when he asked for feedback on his performance at interview. He also has to pay £60 to register with the surgical training website ( which is compulsory). So where will these petrodollars go?  I suppose Trusts, Deaneries and the Intercollegiate Boards will all have a legitimate claim.   Will these Saudi doctors go through a competitive process? It is highly unlikely they would have done Foundation training or completed the usual courses expected from ST applicants.  The story suggests that the places that are being sold, are unfilled  - and the commonest reasons for a post being unfilled is that there were too few British trainees who passed the selection process. Are these Saudi doctors likely to do better?  These posts are just now being sold to the highest bidder. 
it just seems obscene to me? what do people think?