Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Too many still do not yet Get it!

Lessons from patients’ journeys | BMJ
This is a fascinating article marking the 10 years since the series of patients' journeys was first published in the British Medical Journal. I have read most of them and find them extremely useful.  After what has happened in the National Health Service over the past 12 months (Midstaffs, Francis report etc etc), I think that this kind of account must be required reading for all clinical staff however junior or senior and for all managers - well anybody anywhere who works in the health service.
My experience of being a patient over the past 2 years has certainly been eyeopening .
In this account of the 10 years experience by the BMJ's patient editor, I am struck but probably not surprised by his conclusions that doctors still do not really understand or empathise sufficiently with patients. The rise of the internet as an increasingly important source of information has not come quick enough for many. The accounts also suggest that the traditional nihilistic approach doctors in the UK take when dealing with cancer are not in keeping with most patients' expectations.