Saturday, 2 February 2013

Why Apprenticeship remains invaluable in Medical Training. #MEDED

JAMA Network | JAMA | Attending Physicians on Ward Rounds
Another great study published in JAMA . This unique study by Bob Wachter and Abraham Verghese, both American Physicians, writers and who are always worth listening to, sought  the opinion of medical students, and doctors in training on the value of a ward round with a senior doctor.

The main, and possibly obvious message from the findings of the study is that trainees welcome and value the experience of the more senior medic more than the usual evidence based guidelines they are normally expected to use for practice. Spending hours on the coal face with an experienced doctor is not just invaluable and necessary for training  in the operating room but applies just as well on the wards.
Medical educationalists, progressive thinkers and European politicians might undervalue the role of apprenticeship and long hours in medical education, but those who matter know better.
Good work B'Abraham!