Friday, 25 January 2013

When Surgeons lead.

This article published recently in JAMA surgery describes how in the US, surgeons are often taking the lead when it comes to healthcare reform. It gives excellent examples of how they are achieving this.  It also interestingly explains the circumstances why surgeons end up taking the lead - and it is not just because we are all dynamic go getters by nature!!
The Royal Colleges of Surgeons could do worse than emulating many of the initiatives shown by our colleagues across the water. In his defence, the current President of the English college, Professor Norman Williams, seems to get it and understands the opportunity that healthcare reforms in the UK presents to the surgical community. 
What however is really needed to save the world of healthcare is for primary care doctors to seize the moment - and that I suppose is where in the UK the private sector sees its role over the next few years  - to transform primary care in fundamental &  innovative ways so as to cure problems further down (or is it up) stream.