Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Future of Healthcare is the Smartphone.

There are divergent views of how, going forwards (uugh!!) healthcare will evolve. There is an obvious tension in the debate - on the one hand, science, research and development lead to a ever increasing number of expensive treatments to enable us to  live longer and on the other hand  the world is running out of money so that these new treatments cannot be universally available. This is happening as more societies  come to accept the wisdom  and the humanity of universally available healthcare. In the UK, recent  centralising reforms to the NHS suggest authorities feel that changes and developments should come or be imposed from the top. There is an alternative and more exciting view - and that the smartphone - that very personalised (or personalising) connected computer carried by an increasing proportion of the world's population will define the future of healthcare. The future will be defined by the grassroots - the base of the pyramid and not by the apex - and because this development is based on digital technology, it will undoubtedly happen at a pace that will surprise all.
He thinks so and he wrote a book about it.
He thinks so because he once tweeted that the future of healthcare will come out of the barrel of a smartphone and he is (and looks like) a sage.
Here are 2 movies, one from the recent Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas where an increasing number of personalised health related devices are being shown. The second is a promo from a startup that wants to define the future.

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