Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Thing of beauty

The other day, I was watching a old episode of Poirot entitled 'the Adventure of the Italian Nobleman'. In this episode, Poirot's sidekick, Captain Hastings buys a new Italian sportscar whose name in the episode is Eliso Freccia. The car looked stunning and the engine sound was amazing. The name of the car is obviously fictitious ( freccia is Italian for arrow) but a few minutes googling revealed to me that the car was a 1937 AlfaRomeo 8C.
I was not surprised by this as I consider the latest 8C, one of the most achingly beautiful cars ever made. Priced at over £130000, you won't see me driving around in one any day soon  - but dreaming never hurt anyone!
Incidentally, there used to be an Alfa model form the 1940s called Freccia D'oro or Golden Arrow.