Monday, 21 April 2014

Do We Really Need 4 Colleges of Surgery?

This YouTube video features a unique set of talks from the presidents of all surgical colleges in the UK. They were given at the recent annual meeting of the Association of Surgeons in Training in Belfast.
Most training and assessment (including examinations) is now intercollegiate i.e. one exam for all colleges and is handled by newly created intercollegiate bodies.
One wonders sometimes therefore what is the point of having different colleges ?
All the British/Irish colleges were formed centuries ago and are steeped in history. It does seem reckless I suppose to do away with several centuries of surgical tradition and pomp. 
Alot of useful inter-collegiate work takes place but when one sees the real challenges facing surgery and surgeons today, a lot of more is needed.
Maybe when all four colleges have women presidents, things will really change and old boy clubs and ties will become relics of the past!

If the Edinburgh college can get a base in Birmimgham, how about a base in Yorkshire for the English College? - Are you listening Claire?