Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Do Blood Flow Patterns have an Effect on Aortic Size and Shape?

  • Bicuspid Aortic Cusp Fusion Morphology Alters Aortic Three-Dimensional Outflow Patterns, Wall Shear Stress, and Expression of Aortopathy  - This paper from Chicago seems to suggest that the nature of flow is as important as genes to the genesis of aneursymal changes in the Ascending Aorta. Leonardo Da Vinci appreciated the importance of flow patterns in the proximal aorta. The paper highlights the emerging consensus that genes on their own do not determine disease states but work in conjunction with what is around them The role of blood flow patterns on ascending aortic daimeters may be relevant in those patients whose native valves are replaced by mechanical bilealfet prostheses. These look nothing like the valve designed by the Creator or bioprostheses and must surely generate very abnormal blood flow patterns.
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