Friday, 1 November 2013

Will Revalidation be Victimless?

Jumping through the hated hoops to revalidate
Since December 2012, in addition to being on the medical register of the General Medical Council, all doctors in the UK have to have a Licence to Practice. This has to be renewed every 5 years and this renewal will require an annual strengthened appraisal.
 I read quite recently that several thousand doctors who were expected to have had an appraisal by now still had not.
I am an appraiser as well as having to be an appraisee. I still find the whole process of collecting and collating supporting information, organising an appraisal together with the additional steps one has to take every revalidation cycle to be quite burdensome.
We are all very busy and many doctors are quite disorganised when it comes to organising things that do not relate directly to patient care.
How many of us for example have taken every day of leave owed to us?
How many of us have claimed every mile driving to and from clinics or MDTs?
This article in BMA news is an account (the first of many I suspect) that  not learning the art of box ticking and suffering bouts of procrastination could now prove to be seriously painful indeed for many doctors.
Will it all be worthwhile ? Are patients now less likely to be harmed by the medical profession? Probably not! It may still all be worth it  if we all end up organising ourselves, claiming every penny and every day's holiday owed to us and setting clinical work aside to find the necessary 7 or so hours to get appraised.
Aaah, I can see now why we need 7 day working!!