Friday, 19 July 2013

Why Wound Infections need consigning to the Dustbin of History.

JAMA Network | JAMA Surgery | Surgical Site Infection:  Is It Time to Change Our Expectations?
The answer to the question posed by the author of this piece in JAMA surgery is surely yes.
Just think of bedsores and other hospital acquired infections such as line associated infections and MRSA - it was not that long ago when these were accepted as unavoidable complications of being in a hospital. Due to a combination of stick and carrot, and imposition of targets, these complications have become unacceptable and  consequently rare.
I am sure that rate of Surgical Site Infections have fallen as a consequence of general measures taken to improve cleanliness in hospitals. They are still however regarded as an inevitable complication of surgery. Wound infections are horrible for the patient, consume scarce resources and after clean operations are completely avoidable. Carrots and sticks are required once again to make wound infections a forgettable relic of the past.