Friday, 15 February 2013

Pulseless and Alive!

In recent years, progress towards the development of the perfect artificial heart to replace a failing one, has been rapid, outpacing progress towards the development of a Xenogeneic transplanted alternative or construction ex vivo of a new organ using stem cells.
A combination of advances in engineering, in pharmacology to develop new anticoagulants, and in battery technology has brought us to this place.
One of the features of these new machines has been continuous flow and the abandonment of pulsatility as a goal for assist devices. Contrary to what we have been led to believe over the past century, circulation does not have to be pulsatile to support human tissue.
This is a great short film full of typical Texan chutzpah recounting the very human story of how one man was brought back to life and how in the process, lost his pulse!