Friday, 23 November 2012

@PatientsAssoc True Patient Empowerment

This story published on November 22nd, received a lot of attention in the media. More accounts of elderly patients being treated badly by healthcare workers are horrible and frankly very depressing. Ironically in my opinion there is a good point behind the story - and this is the fact that the story is published by the Patients Association - a body representing patients, not hospitals, or nurses or doctors or hospital administrators or regulators.
I wish they could do this more often. Trusts nowadays only prioritise targets that are set by government, regulators or I imagine in the near future, the NHS Commissioning Board. More reports like this one from the Patients' Association may persuade hospital organisations to concentrate on issues that really matter to patients - such as for example operation/procedure cancellations. They still occur too frequently in the NHS and I know that if an operation for a close relative of mine was cancelled, I would be absolutely livid.