Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Monument to the Unknown Supporters of Medical Education.

I felt uplifted when I read this story on the BBC news website recently.

Although I always liked anatomy (well apart from the anatomy of the foot that is!) I used to hate going to the dissecting room - I remember that nauseating astringent smell of formaldehyde mixed with human fat that seems to get you in the back of your throat and that seemingly irreversibly permeated all the fingers in your hands despite the protective clothing and gloves - Yuk!
As a medical student, much to my everlasting shame, I don't think I thought enough of the person behind that body.  I actually feel quite bad about it now and disappointed with myself and my medical school for not exhibiting gestures of gratitude for an amazing gift - so three cheers for Cardiff Medical School for doing what they have done - a fitting monument to all those who have donated their bodies to enhance the education of future doctors. !