Sunday, 23 September 2012

Why I wish I was much younger !

Have you heard of Parkour? The Wikipedia definition can be found here. It is a gymnastic spectacular style of overcoming obstacles, popularised in France in the 1990s. The alternative angophone definition for the sport/art is Freejumping.
A bunch of lads from the South east of England have formed a Parkour/Freejumping outfit called Storror. They travel around the globe, practicing Freejumping, and capturing their efforts in amazing still and moving images.
You might wonder why I am interested in the antics of these guys? Well, over the past 2 summers, they have travelled to Malta - place of my birth and upbringing. You can see why Malta appeals to these guys - the Maltese coastline has many spectacular high rocks from which to jump into the clear blue Mediterranean - jumping into the sea from high places is a birthright of all growing Maltese lads - we all have the scars to prove it!
These guys are amazing and this video, filmed in Malta over the summer, highlights what is so great about Malta in the summer - oh what memories!