Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Boris, Make it so!

I am a great fan of public transport or as the Americans call it - Mass Transit. The Swiss really know how to do - their different forms of transport are so well integrated , it's a joy to use.
I originally come from the small very crowded island of Malta and if there is one place in the world that needs a decent form of public transport, Malta is it. The only form of public transport is the bus - recently taken over by the hapless Arriva.
In such a small island, it would be incredibly disruptive to dig downwards and build a traditional underground system. During geeky moments, I have always wondered whether it would be possible to have an overground system of railway - just as they do in Chicago or in many SciFi movies.
I was therefore really excited when I saw this little video - what a cracking idea. If the bike is to become a true significant part of a sustainable green public transport policy, this surely is the answer.
As Jean-Luc Picard would say ......