Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Why are the BMA so bloody naive! #doctors'strike

Doctors in the UK have been balloted and on June 21st they will strike. There was a surprising (to me initially anyway) overwhelming majority for industrial action.
On second thoughts, maybe the results were not so surprising - the passing of the NHS and social care bill has radicalized many doctors and as much as the BMA might deny it, this radicalism has had an impact on the result of the pension ballot. There are many doctors, like myself, who are against taking industrial action and most I suspect, just did not bother to vote. This reluctance to vote has had the effect of making the majority of doctors appear militant.  Amazingly enough, the redoubtable Victoria Coren, a non medic tried to rationalize the reason for striking, in a very public place. 
Nonetheless, even if most of the work will be done on the day, the damage to the reputation and general good standing of doctors in the eye of the public is already done and will be long lasting. Phil Hammond is right to state that Andrew Lansley is smiling today.  You can guarantee that a child somewhere, who won't be seen on June 21st will become very ill and the Daily Mail will hear about it.