Monday, 14 May 2012

The NHS Musical - a message for Hospital CEOs

On my way into work this Saturday morning, I listened to this wonderful programme on radio 4. It was entitled 'There is Business like Show Business ' and was presented by Will Young. It featured the history of something I had never heard of before, the Industrial Musical - full blown, choreographed musicals organised by corporations to highlight their company and products. Most are as one may expect American. The music of the songs were often borrowed from established musicals such as Oklahoma and the lyrics changed appropriately. During the programme, snippets of many songs were played. These included "Tele op blues" from the Lyon's Maid 1973 show, "With Lyon's Maid You're Laughing" written by Denis Norden which included a line about 'my melting Mivvy'. The funniest and most bizarre was "I Never Enjoyed my Operation More" from the Converters Inc show "The Spirit of '78". Move the slider to 23.00 minutes and enjoy!
Listening to this programme reminded me of the days when many hospitals in the UK used to have Xmas shows - they were excellent, enjoyable morale boosting affairs. I think it is time in this age of austerity and Nicholson challenges, this tradition was brought back from the dead . Many have annual Thank you award type shows - why not a full blown variety show with comedy and song- a sort of Midshires Foundation Trust's Got Talent. Most hospital trusts now employ thousands and in this Facebook, Youtube age, there will not be a shortage of people wanting to join in. So Mark Newbould or Andrew Cash, if you are reading this you know what you have to do!