Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What if ?

Supreme Court Arguments on the ACA — A Clash of Two World Views — NEJM
Reading this article in the NEJM and this, in the most recent BMJ  made me ponder as what we in the UK might be missing by not having a written constitution. The American Constitution is essentially a set of written rules by which all new laws must abide by if they are to pass muster.  Someone somewhere in one of the states of the USA has decided that the Affordable Care Act (Barack Obama's Health Care Reform Bill) might be unconstitutional and the judges in the most supreme of courts must vote on whether they agree or not.
I wonder what might have happened over here with the Health and Social Care Reform Bill if there was a written constitution and the supreme court to sit in judgement! As the emblem above suggests, there probably would be identical health systems across the whole of these Isles!