Friday, 16 March 2012

Wanting your CEA Cake and eating it.

Consultant frustration grows over CEA limbo » Hospital Dr

Currently, there are many reasons why doctors in the UK (& I mean the UK, not just England) are unhappy - pensions, pay freeze, CEAs freeze and of course in England, the Health and social Care Bill. With this last issue, doctors' Trade unions and professional bodies i.e. Royal Colleges (well most of them anyway - I personally am very pleased with the stance the English College of surgeons have taken) have pitted themselves against the government and have made the lives of Andrew Lansley, the Prime Minister and the whole government very difficult. What is lacking from many of these bodies, in particular the British medical association is pragmatism or real politik. Their intransigent position, in my humble opinion , completely undermines their positions on CEAs and pensions. Do they really think that the big beast of government will listen to them pleading for more money at the same time as they are kicking the s**t out of its shins?
As Harry Hill would say ' I quite like being a rebel but I also quite like brownies, there's only one way to find out - FIGHT.'