Thursday, 19 January 2012

Why Doctors will never go on Strike

The air is electric  - my twitter feed is going bonkers (though not on the scale of the London riots!)  - pensions, NHS bill, doctors on strike, Lansley  - all these words just flashing by and frankly distracting me. Twitter is truly atwitter - hence the name I suppose.
Let's get real - although I am sure the majority of doctors are not happy about their pension arrangements being interfered with, most (70%) have decided to remain stum about what they plan to do about it. The situation is even less clear when it comes to the NHS reform bill. Most docs, including myself are sensible souls and would subscribe to the the idiom - if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and the NHS is clearly not broke. Nonetheless nobody and I mean not even people who inhabit the higher echelons, where noses bleed,  at the department of health know what the NHS will look like if the bill goes through. Andrew Lansley and others think things will get better. So would YOU go on strike against something you don't understand?
Most of us have gone into medicine because we CARE about patients and I genuinely cannot think of anything that will anger me SO much as to change that - and the fact is everyone , Lansley and the BMA included  know that!