Friday, 6 January 2012

They Got it wrong with Megrahi.

BBC News - Assisted suicide: 'Strong case for legalisation'

I am a Catholic. However this really bothers me as a doctor as well. It seems to me that this panel consisted of like minded titled and therefore credible individuals, who met up to think of a way to make what they wish for, more acceptable for the rest of us.
I listened to Lord Falconer on the Radio 4 Today programme and even he, the seasoned politician that he is, could not hide the flaws of their recommendations. You can never be accurate about prognosis to the exact month let alone day. Many, if not most doctors are passionately for or against assisted suicide. You can never therefore have a couple of medical colleagues who can dispassionately sign the papers and do the deed. Finally, as with the other type of legalised killing (execution), you can never ever guarantee that you will get it right every time. The best way of avoiding what in the modern parlance of patient safety would be a Never Event, is not to do it at all.