Tuesday, 31 January 2012

NHS Reforms and the American Right.

This Olifaunt is a Puritan?—not the less like to be a Papist‥for extremities meet.[1822 Scott Nigel III. iii.]

In recent days, social media and blogging contributions to discussions on the NHS and Social Care Bill have become extreme in their tone. 99% of these contributions come from those who oppose the bill because I suspect that those who do support the bill are reluctant to raise their heads above the parapet for fear of being vilified. Posts from this past week suggest to me that their fears are justified. 
The tone of the language contributors have used reminds me of that used in posts found in some medical blogs from the American right on the changes to health care that President Obama wants to introduce - the changes disparagingly referred to as Obamacare. 
The discussions in the UK have been one-sided with multiple scaremongering claims of doom and gloom coming from some. This is not very useful for democracy or the future of the NHS.