Sunday, 31 July 2011


BMA News - NHS priorities must honour military covenant, MPs told
One of my colleagues at work is Canadian and his father, who is over 80 has recently had to move to a care home. As he was a Veteran , he was able to find a place without any problems or any waiting .
In the Anglophone world i.e. USA, Canada and Australia, there are special arrangements for the care of those who have served and made sacrifices for their country. In the US, the VA (Veterans Administration) is the closest they have to a National health Service. I suspect the same will apply to other non English speaking countries . And yet in the UK, even now, after all that has happened over the past few years and the deserved increase in respect the public have found for the armed forces, this article shows that service men will only be given priority if they need healthcare for conditions that result from their service - and this is the same government that will not even compensate ex service men who have been made ill by exposure to radioactivity from nuclear explosions in the South Pacific in the 1950s. I just cannot understand what stops Government showing servicemen the respect they truly deserve. However good the NHS is, these men and women deserve some recognition for their sacrifices and therefore SHOULD be treated differently.