Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I'm not talking about the rapture (was it not due to take place recently at 6:30pm wherever you were on the planet? does that mean it would have lasted 24 hours).

No, I am talking about this news article recently published in the BMJ and other news outlets - and what happens in the USA invariably happens here a few months later.  It actually has already started and I think the downward trend is possibly accelerating. Falling real incidence of coronary disease, improved medical treatment, improved stents and PCI techniques have contributed to the fall. Recently it has also been suggested in a report by Reform that such a 'luxury' treatment should not be funded by the NHS.  It used to be one of the commonest and most studied operations in the developed world - like bladder stone ringing in the medieval world I suppose!! (remember Frere Jacques)
From princes to paupers in 2 decades - I may write for a living!