Sunday, 6 February 2011


Why Letting Yourself Make Mistakes Means Making Fewer of Them | Psychology Today In this paper a psychologist explains how if we mentally give ourselves permission to screw up, we are less likely to do so.

Last week at the annual STS meeting in San Diego, a paper from Australia was presented showing the superiority of using the RITA as a second conduit after LITA on the LAD. Bruce Lytle, commenting on the paper had this to say "Unfortunately, the superiority of bilateral internal thoracic artery grafting is, to use a current phrase, an inconvenient truth. The operation takes longer and is harder to do . . . and it's harder to teach." So, despite the evidence in favour of a procedure, why are surgeons in general so conservative and reluctant to change their practice. One of many reasons, but an important one nonetheless, is fear of failure. In an era of scrutiny this is a real problem - how does one get through the learning curve? Maybe what surgeons need is abit of psychoanalysis before the procedure . Who's paying for the couches ?
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