Saturday, 20 November 2010

I found this story extraordinary - there are a significant number of well trained core surgical trainees who cannot get a ST 3 post. Not ONE core surgical trainee in the large deanery of Yorkshire and Humber has been able to get a post in general surgery. What is going on?
I thought that the whole revolution in training in recent years was supposed to make this a thing of the past. And who is getting the jobs? Surely this signifies that the selection process is flawed. Why is workforce planning so bad in this country? Remedy UK take the conspiracy line  - they think that this new lost tribe has been deliberately created to provide the specialist doctors (sub-consultant grade) of tomorrow. In cardiothoracic surgery, a number of specialist doctor posts have been created in different units to create a middle tier of 'permanent' tenured doctors. Those who are applying for these jobs tend to be more experienced than CT2s and many have already passed the exit exam in the specialty. Undoubtedly these will be applying
for consultant jobs when these arise. It will be interesting to see how potentially inexperienced NTNs will fare against them.